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Bart J. Crotty

Flight operations/Safety consultant

Bart J. Crotty is an aircraft maintenance/flight operations/safety consultant, expert witness, aviation writer, and the maintenance human factors chairman for the International Society of Air Safety Investigators (ISASI). He is a former FAA inspector, trainer and designated airworthiness representative and an ICAO expert. Crotty has worked for airlines, repair stations, aircraft manufacturers, law and consulting firms, safety organizations and several foreign civil aviation authorities. His career spans 40+ years, about half of that period overseas. He holds FAA airmen certificates and a BS degree in aeronautical engineering.

General Background

  • Over forty years experience in airworthiness/maintenance, flight operations, civil regulatory control, training, safety, licensing, security, accident/incident investigations, airport ground safety and litigation. High marks in analysis/evaluation/problem solving and client confidentiality.
  • Employment with airlines, manufacturers, repairs stations, national and international regulatory authorities, consulting and law firms and aviation safety organizations. Lived and worked in several overseas areas. Aviation author and legal expert witness.
  • Ability to establish and maintain rapport and confidence with and between all levels of management and workforce structures, operators-regulators, and multi-culture climates. Advice, liaison and perform regulatory/safety/technical audits of domestic and foreign airlines, charter/corporate/head-of-state operators; and engineering-maintenance/repair stations/supply organizations.
  • FAR & JAR 145 certification preparation/renewal/expansion; internal quality assurance/safety program design; training design/evaluation; bogus parts; foreign civil aviation authority (CAA) advice/assistance.
  • Through knowledge of FAA, JAR, ICAO, ISO9002 regulations, standards and requirements.
  • Investigate/advice concerning flight and ground accident/incidents, security/regulatory enforcement and violation matters.
  • Conduct maintenance human factors/error reduction training, aircraft asset condition/pre-buy inspections.
  • Perform aviation and civil security related investigations.
  • Arbitration/mediation/litigation and discovery/expert witness testimony support/services.
Specific Experience
  • Aviation Safety & Security Consultant, subcontracting to Flight Safety Foundation, Wyvern, Air Security International, Aerospace Services International (2001-2004) - Conducting airline/charter operator safety and security audits, and special investigation. Conducting surveys and composing studies of airport security capability. Conducting audits of airport and heliport ground safety programs.
  • International DAR & Crotty Associates, VA, 1992-2000 - Consulting service - FAA Designated Airworthiness Representative export/certificate of airworthiness work; aircraft asset/condition inspections; suspected unapproved parts/bogus parts, legal/regulation advice; FAR 121/135/145, JAR OPS-1/145 audits; legal/expert witness work and security work.
  • ICAO Technical Assistance Projects, Philippines 1996-97, UAE 1996, Brazil 1993, Kuwait 1992, Indonesia 1989-90, Oman 1985-88, Bangladesh 1982-84, Saudi Arabia 1974-76 - Project manager/expert assisting governments in developing or improving admin/regulations/control/monitoring/licensing functions. Trained inspectors & developed rules/advisory/training materials. Conducted inspections, certifications & flight accident investigations. Investigated ground accident/incidents and improved airport ground safety.
  • Plight Safety Foundation, VA, 1998, 94-96, 1988 - Director Aviation Safety Services/Director Maintenance & Inspection. Managed and conducted audits/inspections and safety studies. Provided advice to membership.
  • AVITA Aviation, VA, 1991 - Dy Director Technical Consulting, managed/performed aircraft asset condition inspections and repossessions for financial firms. Conducted third party maintenance facility studies, evaluated spare parts stocks, designed maint records training, and provided regulation advice.
  • FAA, Hqtrs, Wash DC, 1979-82, 1984-85, 1988 - Flight Standards Training Officer. Provided agency-wide guidance liaison on training needs, new/current course content, seminars and conducted evaluations of FAA and contracted training covering 1,200 maintenance/flight operations/engineers/flight inspection personnel. Helped introduce. Computer Based Instruction /Computer Managed instruction within the FAA
  • FAA, CA & Germany/Italy, 1975-76, 1976-79 - Airworthiness air carrier inspector and SWAP (team audit) member. Performed various inspections/approvals/certifications. Certificated foreign repair stations, investigated accidents and regulations violations. Involved in classified aviations security matters while overseas.
  • Aviation Power Supply, CA, 1971 - Repair station Division Manager of accessories, staff of 30 overhauling fuel, electrical, hydraulic, pneumatic components. Planned and directed 100% expansion of shop. Rewrote FAA inspection procedures manual, trained new employees.
  • Lockheed Aircraft Corp., CA, 1968-71 - L-1011 Senior Maintainability Engineer, developed quant¬itative data and monitor qualitative design of aircraft systems. Conducted on-site maint surveys of several foreign airline facilities. Active in development of FAA Maintenance Review Board document.
  • Air Asia/Air America/CAT/SAT, Taiwan & SEA, 1965-68 - Supervisor Maintenance Projects, Bell-204, Boeing-727, BE-18T. Selection/introduction/development of all maint/overhaul support operating under FAA part 91, 121 and 145 regulations. Investigated accidents and technical problems covering 168 aircraft.
  • Jet Propulsion Laboratory, CA, 1964-65 - Structures/Optics Engineer, managed and supervised mechanical and hydraulic modifications of a 30-ft diameter deep-space antenna.
  • El Taha Aviation and Hi-Lock Co., CA, 1962-64 - Aircraft Modification Engineer, designed and installed modifications of general aviation aircraft, submitted data to FAA for 337 (major alteration) & Supplemental Type Certificate approvals.
  • TWA and FBOs, USA, 1958-62 - Certificated Aircraft Airframe & Powerplant Mechanic. Airline B-707/CV-880 line & hangar work and service bulletin/modifications. Performed general aviation annual inspections and repair work.
  • Structural Steel Ironworker, Buffalo NY, 1953, 1956-58 - Apprentice/journeyman. Erection of steel structures.
  • US Army, Germany, 1954-56 - Demotions/mines/booby-trap specialist.
Education & Certifications
  • Airframe-Powerplant Programs, Spartan and Embry Riddle Aero Schools, 1958-1959
  • FAA Airframe & Powerplant Mechanic Certificates held since 1959
  • BS Aero Engineering, Northrop University, 1963
  • American Society of Quality, Certified Auditor since 1993
  • FAA/ICAO, maintenance/regulatory/human error instructor, training designer, 1988-1999.
  • FAA Designated Airworthiness Representative (DAR), 1991-1998.
Professional Memberships
  • American Society Quality
  • Society Aerospace Engineers (also Technical paper reviewer)
  • International Society Air Safety Investigators (Chairman Maintenance Error/HF committee)
  • Helicopter Association International

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